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Gave a fireside on disability and the gospel in Heber, Utah

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a stake in Heber and give a fireside on disability and the gospel. Most of you know that this is one of my favorite topics to speak on - so I was thrilled to be asked to come speak. The members were wonderful and welcoming. It was a joy to meet with them!

For this particular fireside, I felt I should focus on three things:

1. Lessons Learned from Christ's Ministry

2. How to Teach Students with a Variety of Intelligences

3. Answer Questions Submitted from Stake Members

I thought I would have more difficulty identifying what (of ALLLLLL) I could share on the topic, but I love how the Lord helps us focus on what's most essential for a specific fireside. I was seeking for a balance of principles and practicals, instruction and discussion, and I feel like the Lord brought it all together perfectly that evening.

What was interesting is that most of what I wanted to speak on (but did not fit in the first two sections of the fireside) were asked about in the third section of the fireside.

Some of the questions asked by Heber members were:

1. How do we help our Primary children help those with special needs rather than ignore them?

2. How do we effectively teach our class and reach those with special needs? Often they require so much time it makes it difficult to get through our lessons.

3. Is there a benefit to involving parents and asking them what has worked well in the past?

These questions were perfect because they made me think and ponder prior to the fireside and they encouraged conversation during the fireside. I felt like they represented similar questions had by teachers throughout the Church.

The blessing was to arrive at the church building and realize that those attending were open and eager to learn. Every teacher hopes for that. The Spirit was there and I felt such gratitude for the guidance He gave during the fireside. It was a special opportunity to be there with that wonderful group of teachers and presidencies.

My heart is full of gratitude.



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