The most urgent is rarely the most important

If you focus on what is urgent, you will never do what is most important.

Unlike what school, work and family teach us, urgency does not equal importance.

Too often, the busiest people are people without priorities.

What is urgent is what is required by others.

What is important is what is required by your heart.

Until we figure this out, our lives will waste away as we run from one urgent thing to the next.

Until we figure this out, our to-do lists will grow while our energy decreases.

Until we figure this out, we will always wonder how those few people in our lives actually reach their dreams, actually spend time with their families, actually make a difference.

How do you sort through what's urgent to find what is important?

1. Identify the one thing you want to be your number one priority in life.

2. Learn to say no to EVERYTHING that doesn't support that priority.

3. Find a system to work on your priority daily and a mentor to support you in your quest to do what is essential, not urgent.

What is absolutely essential that I do in my life? What am I uniquely qualified to give this world? What do I want to be remembered for when I die?

Destiny Yarbro

Prescott, Arizona

7 November 2016

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