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My Taxi Driver, Quincy, from Kenya

Quincy Murden. Q-rap from Kenya. Rap Artist. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This weekend I met Quincy in Las Vegas. He has been an American for five years now and a taxi driver for two months. He was thrilled to tell me that a rap piece that he wrote was played on a radio station in Chicago.

I told him I haven't been to Kenya yet. He said I should go - that as a tourist I would love it. He moved on but I asked him to tell explain what he meant that as a tourist I would love Kenya. He then began explaining to me that he and his people are oppressed under a corrupt government.

He then told me that he was imprisoned for one year for writing a song about the corrupt government. The guard beat him everyday and called him a traitor. The United Nations and USA came together to secure his release and bring him over to the States. He gently told me that Americans are spoiled - worried about little things - in a wonderful nation with so many blessings.

He has been writing a documentary script for two years now and is applying for grants to pay for him to go back to Kenya to film. He is a mover and a shaker.

I am so grateful Quincy and I met. We exchanged information and I cannot wait to see his documentary down the road!

Again, some of the most incredible conversations of my life happen in a taxi. :)

Happy travels!


P.S. Off to Toronto!


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