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Staying at "The Shining" Hotel in Colorado!

After Thanksgiving, I got assigned to a trip here at "The Shining" hotel in Estes Park, Colorado!

Brochure photo of the hotel

Although I have not (and never will :) ) see The Shining, I absolutely LOVE this historical hotel! It has the feel of a quaint bed and breakfast and an incredibly exciting history. (I'll share more after I go on a tour tomorrow morning.)

The staircase to my floor

I met Midge, the innkeeper / day chef / decorator. She is absolutely delightful and made me feel right at home. (As my group will be arriving tomorrow and taking over the hotel this weekend, I was the only one at breakfast this morning. This did add to the spooky feel of the hotel, I have to admit. ;) )

Christmas tree display in the front lobby.

My small group is arriving today! I'm at the welcome table at the moment, registering the members as they check in to the hotel. Then we'll have a welcome reception tonight in the room below to start off the weekend! I love my job! :)

Rustic, Colorado-feel room

I'm just so grateful to be in a small town up in the mountains. The majority of my trips are in big cities, so this small town girl is happy. :)

Happy holiday travels!



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