InterSign University is Launched! UPDATE

My motto for the last six months has been: "Get 'Er Done"

If there are any of you who follow my blog closely (the one or two of you out there), I would like to apologize for not being more consistent.

The fact is that I made a conscientious decision to actively focus on the projects I have felt are most important, publishing my book and launching InterSign University.

As I posted late last year, my book for Early Returned Missionaries is finally out. Over three years in interviews, surveys, writing, (and stressing) have finally come to a close! It's called Home Early ... Now What?: How to Navigate Coming Home Early from a Mission and it's found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And, as per divine timing, this month an article I wrote four years ago, Home Earlier Than Planned, was published in the January 2018 Liahona / Ensign. As a result, nearly everyday I have received messages and emails from readers around the world. It has been a miraculous thing to watch how the Lord has lead those who need support to find the book and article. My heart is truly grateful.

Then, this month, I did a soft launch of InterSign University with friends. After a couple of years of learning how to build the platform myself, it is wonderful to finally have it live. Active marketing and such will begin next month as I will be starting our Sign Polyglot program - learn the basics of 10 languages in 10 months. I am grateful to the patient tutors who have been eager to start teaching.

And finally, I have been working on picking the fourth Deaf Dreamer to receive a scholarship. We have selected our next recipient but as she does not know yet, I will not announce it on until it's official. Jerry and Victoria are both doing well in school at the moment and I keep everyone updated on the other website's blog.

Now that these projects are up and running, I'll be switching my focus towards writing and mentoring once more. I know there are several of you who have wanted to learn how I do my goals in tiny steps. The Lord has truly mentored me in this method and I know it has helped those I share it with. I am done with the first draft of my book about this method so that, hopefully, it can bless others like it has blessed mine. So stay tuned... :)

Thank you again for understanding my absence - please send me any feedback you have on the projects I've shared. Feedback from friends really means a lot to me.


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