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Book #3 is in the Works!

About a month ago, I was in a Relief Society class. The teacher shared that as her health problems digressed, she felt like the list of things she could do was waning.

She had shared emotionally that she prayed asking "What is enough?"

Instantly, I thought about all the times I had felt these same frustrations (although my situation is very different from hers) and how I often beat myself up for not making it all the way through Church some Sundays or couldn't fulfill my calling to the degree I hoped I could or did my visiting teaching through texting.

In that moment, I realized it was time to start my next book and focus on what members with chronic illness have felt is "Good Enough For Now" - or more specifically, what the Lord has taught them is good enough for their situation.

If you know someone who loves and lives the gospel with chronic illness, please give them my email address: My desire is to have a book brimming with encouragement, understanding and hope.

I appreciate your support. I will keep publishing through Amazon as long as I am able. That publishing platform has been a Godsend and allows me to write to niche audiences.

Thank you for your encouragement -


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